Cyber Safe Teen

Helping rural schools to empower students to make safer and smarter decisions in how they engage with social media to not become victim’s but to have more responsible and mature relationships.


Students are being sent into the online world unaware and unprepared for the dangers.


Over 50% of high schools student admit to sending a nude image to someone they don't know if first asked for the nude picture.


 The 10-14 year-old teen suicide rate has gone up 300% since the iPhone and Android Phones hit the market. (CDC)


There are over 750,000 predators online any time our kids go on social media apps, games or just the internet.  (FBI)


We think of online predators as being the creepy old guy.  But, students are more likely to be exploited by their classmates


98% of Cyber Safe Teen trained students said they were less likely to send nude images or cyberbully another student.   Isn't that the goal...Smarter Decisions!!! 

Cyber Cops

Real Cases Grab Their Attention

We don't just say don't do this because it is bad.  We say "I put this guy in prison for 50 years for doing this to kids just like you" and here is how you stay safe.

Future Focused

Their Furture Starts Here

You kids/students hear real 

incidents like a 9th grader being  criminally charged/kicked out of school for sexting.  Now who is going to let them in their college?


No Student Assemblies For Us

Small group styled training set up in a classroom/media center is what we have found works best.  We can read the class and hit points they need most.


Train On Your Own Time

Returning to NTI is a question of when not if.  Be prepared with Cyber Safe Teen Live or On-Demand training for your students to use in a classroom setting or at home.


Multiple ways for students, parents and educators to learn.

  • Online TRAINING

    Great for training on your schedule, NTI, group trainings for students, community groups, or Professional Development Hours. 

  • In-Person TRAINING

    We come to your school and train your students (small group only), educators, and community in our proven Cyber Safe Teen program.


Become AWARE of the dangers and pitfalls of social media like: Sexting, Cyberbullying, and Online Predators.

  • Student AWARE

    Students learn how to safely use the internet and not become victims of online predators and their own classmates.

  • Parent & YIA AWARE

    Adults are brought up-to-date in the dangers of the internet like pedophiles posing as other kids on Snap.


    A simple framework for families to build their own simple to understand cyber safety plan.


Over 50 years of experience hunting pedophiles lurking online and living next door

Mike Lemon


Veteran Cybercop, husband, and father of 5 boys with 2 sets of twins, yes that can happen!  He used to have a full head of hair, it was awesome!

Bob Couchman

Dir. of School Training

Former military, veteran cybercop and aspiring photographer.  When not in schools training, he is likely to be kayaking, hiking, enjoying nature.

Tim Robinson

Dir. Partner Relationship

Former cybercop and the one that keeps us on task.  Everyone needs a Tim in their life.  If you like antique wooden golf clubs, let Tim know.

Art McFadden

Chief Technical Officer

If it has anything to do with technology or security, Art is your man.  Warning! He is from New Jersey and he will say something inappropriate.


The day after the Cyber Safe Teen traning, I had a line of 7th grade boys at my office wanting to get "those pictures" removed from their phones.

7th grade Counselor

A young girl who was suicidal reached out for help during the Cyber Safe Teen Traning.  We were able to quickly get her the help she needed.


We had a sexting incident that usually would have spread across the whole school, stopped, phones collected and students identified within an hour because of the students attending CST.


My students have never been quiter than when they are going through their cases with the students.  It is obvious they are paying attention and the fact they talked about for days after just confirms it.

Middle School Teacher


Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Is there a cost?

Is there any free help?

How do I get Cyber Safe Teen to come to my school?

Why do you only do small group training for students ?

We have tried all types of different training styles while training over 20,000 people and small groups for students is by far the best way to deliver the infomration.  We have real interactions, they ask questions and GET what we are telling them.  The biggest impact, by far, is small groups for student training.


We do large group training for community events, paretns trainings and school staff Professional Development training.

What does an In-Person Student training look like?

What does the online training look like?

Is this proven training?

How can your training help educators?

Schools are ground zero when it comes to social media drama.  The bullying, fighting, and exploitation that happens online comes to a boiling point when they meet at school.


Educators deal with the consequences of students having unmonitored, unlimited internet access at home.  CST in-Person and Online training will help teachers stay up-to-date with all the current threats, apps and trends, staying ahead of their students.


Educators have received Professional Development hours for our training.  Each system is different.  So, check with your school district about getting the online training approved for Professional Development hours.

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