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cyber safe teen

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11,000+ cyber safe teens in '18-'19!

98% of surveyed students said they were less likely to send nude photographs..... YES 98%


Small-group training customized for Elementary, Middle and High School Students designed to prevent victimization from online predators and cyberbullies. 

We make Cyber Safe Kids


Never feel helpless or overwhelmed again. Find the solutions you have been seeking in our Perssonal Deveopment training. Take control of your school's pressurized sexting & cyberbullying problem.

Be a champion for your student's safety.


Even if you have a hard time checking your email, you can still ensure your child is safe through our Parent Night Trainings. Respond to the threats your child faces every day with confidence and a plan.

Keep them safe at home and school. 

Training That Works

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What kids say...

 I learned to not send nude photographs to anyone, not even your boyfriend or girlfriend. If someone ask you for nude photographs tell your parents. 

Student (4th Grade)


I learned to not date online because they may not be who they say they are and never send nude photos even if they threaten you.

I also learned to not cyber bully anyone because it can lead to petty bad things. If anyone bullys me or threatens me to send them a nude pic I will tell my parents and police.

Student (6th Grade)

It made me think about if I ever send a bad pic, I can get into trouble and I will have to worry about the pic while getting a job, applying for college and really for the rest of my life.

Lots of my friends do it and no one thinks much of it. Now I see there can be real problems.

Student (11th Gade)

The internet is not as safe as I thought it was. Bad people are on the internet and they pretend to be kids like me. If I send bad pics I can get in a lot of trouble.

Student (9th Grade)


Family Resource and Youth Service Center (FRYSC) Kentucky Agency for Substance Abuse Policy (KY-ASAP) Community Coalition for Children (CCC) Elementary | Middle | High Schools  

What is cyber safe teen?

  • Small-group (max 35) classroom style student training... no assemblies we hate them too
  • Tailored to age-specific issues
  • In-person/Online training for parents and educators because getting everyone together is impossible
  • REAL cyber-cop case investigations grabs their attention and locks them in 
  • We are your partner to help grow and build cyber safe teens
  • Simple scheduling, you choose the days that work for you
  • Oh yeah, NO LARGE ASSEMBLIES... we hate them too. Did we mention that? 

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